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Resilient and innovative, our versatile wheat straw bedding rejuvenates the world around your horses. It is a natural, clean solution that frees your horses to live in a comfortable and dust-free environment that energizes them to perform well and be healthy.

Why Use EquineStraw?

Your horse is more than just a pet. Your horse is a member of the family, a special part of who you are. So, doesn’t your horse deserve the very best? Breathing in dust causes numerous problems for you and your horses’ health. Unlike conventional wood products, EquineStraw is virtually dust-free, as we remove it and other unwanted impurities through our natural, innovative filtering process. As a result, your horse can breathe easier and live healthier.

EquineStraw is comfortably soft. You’ll see your horse lie down and rest more frequently.

It’s also a light weight product, so spreading it out is easy, and removing and hauling it away is not the hassle it once was with other bedding alternatives.

It decomposes and breaks down up to four times faster than traditional wood-based beddings.

Ideal for performance horses, including eventing, racing and other equestrian sports. Also great for foaling, in trailers, for horses with respiratory issues and horses prone to sores on their hocks.

Better for Horses

Health & Comfort

Horses lay down more

Easy to breathe

Reduced allergens

Reduced bed sores

Highly absorbent

Comfortable & soft

Easy for You

Light & Dust-Free

Easy picking and removal

Dry & clean

Easy to use

Reduces odor

Great for Stables

Valuable Compost

Composts up to 4x Faster Than Wood Chips

Desirable as Fertilizer, Great for Fields

Save on Removal


Through our natural, innovative process, EquineStraw is filtered to remove dust and other impurities, leaving it bright, fresh, pure, and natural. As a result, you and your horse can breathe easier and live healthier.


Processed to the same form and length every time, EquineStraw is comfortably soft. You'll see your horse lie down and rest more frequently.


A light weight product that's easy to use, pick, and remove. It composts up to 4x faster than wood products and is a valuable fertilizer that saves on disposal.


Lizzy Knight

Lizzy Knight with Fox Trot Equestrian from British Columbia, Canada uses EquineStraw with the horses she trains and competes with internationally in Horse Trials Eventing. Hear how EquineStraw has helped Lizzy and her horses chase their Eventing dreams!