Your horses deserve the very best in health and comfort, so give them our premium EquineStraw bedding that energizes them to be healthy, strong and happy.

Why Use EquineStraw?

Your horse is more than just a pet. Your horse is a member of the family, a special part of who you are. So, doesn’t your horse deserve the very best?

Breathing in dust causes numerous problems for horses and their handlers’ health. Unlike other wood products, EquineStraw is virtually dust-free, as we remove it and other unwanted impurities through our innovative filtering process. As a result, your horse can breathe easier and live healthier.

EquineStraw is comfortably soft. You’ll see your horse lie down and rest more frequently.

It’s also a light weight product, so spreading it out is easy, and removing and hauling it away is not the hassle it once was with other bedding alternatives.

What makes EquineStraw so convenient is its inherent composting applications. It decomposes and breaks down up to four times faster than traditional wood-based beddings, and this changes the very foundation of the business for a stable owner or manager.

When it comes to paying someone to haul away your used bedding, costs are reduced with our straw and, in many cases, non-existent. In the end, EquineStraw leaves you with a compostable product that you can give away to local farmers, spread on your own fields or even sell.

EquineStraw is a natural solution to horse bedding. Sourced from the Canadian Prairies, EquineStraw is made from 100% premium wheat straw that will improve the quality of life for your horses, your workers, and your stable.


EquineStraw is virtually dust-free, as we remove it and other unwanted impurities through our innovative filtering process. As a result, your horse and handlers can breathe easier and live healthier.


Processed to the same length and form every time, EquineStraw is comfortably soft. You’ll see your horse lie down and rest more frequently.


A light weight product that’s easy to use, pick, and remove. It composts up to 4x faster than wood products and is a valuable fertilizer that saves on disposal.

High Performance Bedding


BETTER FOR HORSES – Health and Comfort

  • Horses lay down more
  • Easy to breathe
  • Reduced allergens
  • Reduced bed sores
  • Highly absorbent
  • Comfortable & soft

EASY FOR WORKERS – Light and Dust-free

  • Easy picking and removal
  • Dry & clean
  • Easy to use
  • Reduces odor

GREAT FOR STABLES – Valuable Compost

  • Composts up to 4x Faster Than Wood Chips
  • Desirable as Fertilizer, Great for Fields
  • Save on Removal

*EquineStraw is available in Lemongrass Scent

Frequently Asked Questions

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General Information

1. What is EquineStraw made with?
EquineStraw is made with 100% premium wheat straw, sourced from local farmers in the Canadian prairies.

2. Is the straw 100% pesticide free?
Although we can’t guarantee that it is 100% pesticide free, very small traces applied during the growing season may still be found on the straw after we have processed and packaged the straw. We use an all-natural process, meaning no chemicals are added to the straw as we remove the dust, seeds and
other impurities.

3. Has the straw been treated with anything (glyphosate or pesticides)?
During the growing season, sometimes farmers apply herbicides to control weeds. Minute traces of herbicide residue from the growing season may be found after we have processed and packaged the straw.

4. Are there any chemicals used in production?
No chemicals are used to remove the dust and while EquineStraw is cut to its desired length. It is a multi-stage and all-natural process.

5. Is EquineStraw bio-secure?
Yes. EquineStraw is processed in a bio-secure facility.


Product Features

6. How absorbent is EquineStraw compared to HealthiStraw’s other products?
All of our straw products are absorbent, with FarmStraw – Fine being the most absorbent. EquineStraw would be second in absorbency.

7. How does EquineStraw compare to wood shavings?
The absorbency of EquineStraw is similar, however you will notice that with EquineStraw the liquid is held within the straw fibers rather than puddling and pooling underneath. EquineStraw keeps areas of moisture from contacting the horse’s skin, reduces bedsores and skin irritation. EquineStraw virtually eliminates the dust and reduces ammonia odor.

8. How long does the straw last in a bag? If the bags stay sealed and dry will they last? Or will it mold?
If the bag is sealed and kept dry, it should last for up to a year.

9. Is EquineStraw available in organic?
No, it is not available in organic.

10. Is EquineStraw available in a scented product?
Yes. EquineStraw is available with a lemongrass essential oil for a small additional cost per bag.

11. Is EquineStraw safe for my horse(s) to eat?
Yes. We closely inspect our straw and our processing technology has a magnetic pick-up system that picks up foreign, metallic materials. Adding lemongrass scent deters animals from eating EquineStraw, while it remains safe for consumption.

12. Is EquineStraw compostable and easy to dispose of?
Yes! Wheat straw is one of the most compostable straws. In fact, EquineStraw decomposes and breaks down up to four times faster than traditional wood-based beddings. As a stable owner or manager, your costs to have used bedding hauled away are reduced or non-existent because with EquineStraw you have a compostable product that you can give away to local farmers, spread on your own fields or even sell.


Difference between HealthiStraw products

13. What is the difference between the various HealthiStraw products?
Each of our HealthiStraw Family of Products undergoes the same refining process, in which dust, foreign debris, metals and the majority of seeds are removed. The difference is the shred or cut length, which allows individuals to choose which cut length best suits their situation and application. Each of our HealthiStraw Family of Products is fully compostable.

14. Is there a difference between FarmStraw and EquineStraw and if so what is it?
The only difference between the FarmStraw products and the EquineStraw product is the cut length of the straw. FarmStraw – Fine is a little bit shorter in length than EquineStraw, while the FarmStraw – Coarse is longer. Typically, either FarmStraw – Fine or EquineStraw is used with horses and sometimes FarmStraw – Coarse is used for broodmares or foaling, usually the decision comes down to preference.

15. The difference in the cut lengths looks minor, does it really make that much of a difference?
You will notice a slight difference in warmth and absorption between the products. All cut lengths will provide warmth, with the Coarse option providing more warmth. Similarly, all cut lengths will be absorbent, with the Fine shred option being slightly better in absorption. EquineStraw performs better at absorbing ammonia odor and provides more cushioning than the Fine cut length.



16. What are the dimensions of your packaged EquineStraw bags?
All of our products come in a 3 cubic foot bag. The dimensions are approx. 26”H x 17”W x 15”D.

17. How much does each bag weigh?
Each bag weighs approx. 25-28 lbs or 11-13 kg.

18. How many bags on a pallet?
There are 35 bags on a pallet minimum. At times, due to shipping methods we are able to get 40 bags on a pallet.

19. How is EquineStraw packaged for shipping?
Product is palleted and stretch-wrapped, with option of pallet topper sleeve applied, allowing for outdoor storage. No extra cost for topper sleeve.

20. Do you offer single pallet shipments?
We manufacture and distribute our products to retailers. You can purchase single bags or pallets from your local retailer. See our dealer map on Equinestraw.com to find the retailer nearest you.

21. Do you deliver in bulk?
To provide our customers with the most product possible, and for ease of shipping and delivery, we package all of our products in compressed bags and then place them on pallets. Upon special request, we can load a shipment without the pallets.

22. What can I do with the bags after using the product? Are the bags recyclable?
We understand the concern of what to do with the bag once the product has been used. In some areas, your local recycling facility may take the bags and recycle them.

23. Why do we use plastic bags as our packaging?
At this time, using plastic bags is the only viable option for packaging our HealthiStraw products. To maintain the highest product quality, we use plastic bags to keep moisture out of the straw. Additionally, plastic allows us to compress much more straw, so we can ship you the most product in the least amount of bags. As always, we continually search for and consider better packaging options if and when they become available.



24. How much coverage can I expect from 1 bag of EquineStraw?
Each bag has 3 cu ft (85L) compressed in it, when opened the EquineStraw will expand to 10-12 cu ft (283 – 340L).

25. How many bags does it typically take to bed a 12×10 stall?
On average, users of EquineStraw start with 1½ to 2 bags of EquineStraw for a fresh and comfy layer of straw for your horse. 2 bags of EquineStraw will give you a 2” – 3” layer in a 12×10 stall. If you prefer extra cushioning for your horse, you can always add another bag.

26. How much bedding do I need to add? And how frequently?
Depending on how much time your horse(s) spend in the stall, will determine how much and when you need to add more EquineStraw. On average, users top up with ½ a bag every other day.

27. How long does EquineStraw last?
When using EquineStraw, the average length of time between complete stall strip outs is 5 days (or longer, depending on the amount of stall time).

28. Do you have any suggestions for picking stalls, what tool should we use?
Equine facilities which are using our products find that a standard mucking fork works well for screening. Techniques will vary, according to each individual. The majority of our customers have said that our product picks well, just takes a short time to find personal technique.

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