Your Pets

Comfortable. Clean. Sustainable.

We love our pets and want what’s best for them! That’s why we created PetStraw bedding, an all-natural, comfortably soft bedding. This unique wheat straw bedding is dust-free, absorbent, controls odor, and fluffy to allow for tunnelling and burrowing. Creating a healthy environment for you and your pets.

PetStraw is ideal for small pets including chinchillas, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, rabbits, hedgehogs, mice, rats, tortoises, snakes, birds and more!

Ensuring the Health & Comfort of your Pets

When their bedding is clean and comfortable your pets are healthier, happier and more energized. Specifically formulated with your pets’ well-being in mind. PetStraw is lightweight, fluffy and comfortable for your pet to play and rest in. It is naturally cleaned and dust-free, gentle on your pets’ small, sensitive bodies, protecting their sensitive lungs and contributing to a healthier respiratory system. Keeping them safe, healthy, happy and energetic.

Unique Blend Maximizes Absorption and Comfort

PetStraw’s unique blend includes multiple lengths of 100% sustainably source wheat straw. The longer pieces add fluffiness to provide comfort to your pets and allow for tunnelling and burrowing. The shorter pieces are for maximum absorption and odor control, which works by wicking the moisture down and absorbing from the bottom up, leaving the surface dry and comfortable for your pet. PetStraw bedding neutralizes unwanted odors, keeping your pets’ habitats smelling fresh for a longer period of time.

Versatile and easy to use:

To maximize PetStraw’s versatility and experience the many benefits, we recommend applying 2-4 inches of bedding depending on your specific pet’s needs. Change out the bedding as needed and compost the used bedding. Wheat straw composts quickly and easily.

Packaged in a convenient 38 L size, it will provide enough bedding for approximately a month and allows for easy storage. It’s dust-free quality makes for effortless cleaning of your pets’ habitat that is safe for both you and your pets. PetStraw composts quickly and can be returned to the soil to add nutrients to your garden.

We use clear, clean and recyclable packaging making it easy to store, use and to allow you to see our commitment to quality in every bag.

Better for Your Pets

Health & Comfort

Comfortably Soft

Clean and Dust-Free

Innovative Absorption

Reduced Allergens

Reduces Sores

Easy to nest and tunnel in

Easy for You

Light & Dust-Free


Easy to use

Dry and Clean

Effective Odor Control

Ease of handling

Convenient to store

Great for the Environment


Composts quickly

Creates valuable fertilizer that is great for gardens

Sustainable and renewable bedding

Naturally cleaned – no chemicals or additives

Recyclable packaging

Our All-Natural Process

Starting with sustainably sourced wheat straw, our unique and innovative multi-step process cleans, cuts and splits the straw. We then remove dust, dirt, seeds and other impurities through our natural, chemical and additive-free process creating bright, fresh, pure and natural pet bedding.