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Our all-natural biodegradable garden mulch has been specifically designed with the urban gardener in mind. Ideal for gardens, raised beds, containers & pots, planted with vegetables, herbs, fruit shrubs / trees and flowers. GardenStraw is made with 100% sustainably sourced wheat straw that conserves water, prevents weeds, improves soil health and protects your plants.

Less Maintenance. Better Gardens.

Whether it’s a hobby, a passion or a lifestyle, gardening can provide a boost to your health and wellbeing in so many ways. It enhances your natural environment, contributes to healthier eating and food security and provides quality time outdoors. With so many benefits, we wanted to make gardening easier and more accessible so you spend less time maintaining, and more time enjoying your garden.

A Natural Solution

GardenStraw provides a natural, sustainable solution to growing a healthier, more vibrant garden. We know how important it is to be confident in what you’re putting into your soil. Through our unique and innovative cleaning process we create bright, fresh, pure and natural garden mulch, perfect in length and form to encourage healthy plant life and soil conditions.

Making Gardening Easier

We want your garden to thrive even in the face of challenging environmental conditions. As more areas experience long periods of drought and water restrictions, our specially formulated mulch helps to minimize watering needs and promote stable soil moisture (read about how Maggie, with From Soil to Soul, conserves water with GardenStraw – saving up to 50% in her garden). It also goes to work for you by naturally suppressing weeds, improving soil health and protecting your plants.

Extremely versatile, GardenStraw can be used for gardens, raised beds, containers and pots planted with vegetables, herbs, fruit trees/shrubs and flowers. It’s also great for lawn seeding and patch repair.

We use clear, clean and recyclable packaging making it easy to transport, store and use. Available in two convenient sizes, our standard bag is 3 cubic feet and our new Mini is 0.5 cubic feet.

Due to the nature of the wheat plant, not all wheat seeds are removed from the straw during harvest. We filter out most remaining seeds, however a few may sneak through and may sprout in your garden. Unlike grass and weeds, once the wheat seedling is removed it won’t regrow and you will continue to experience the benefits of GardenStraw.

New to Using GardenStraw?

We’ve got you covered with 10 Tips for using our mulch in your garden!


Raised Beds, Containers & In-Ground

Conserves water by lowering water needs by up to 50%

Prevents weeds, reducing competition for nutrients and water

Maintains stable soil moisture and temperature

Reduces soil erosion

Improves soil fertility and reduces compaction

Protects plants from soil-borne diseases by shielding them from mud splatter during rain

Reduces risk of tomato blight and reduces the number of potato beetles

Keeps your shoes clean

Acts as natural cushion for knees and joints and is soft to walk on in bare feet

Lawn Seeding

New Lawns & Patch Repair

Reduces seed loss and keeps seeds in place

Minimizes weed seed germination

Keeps soil cool and moist

No removal necessary


Valuable Organic Material

Provides an excellent carbon material for your compost bin

Makes great compost to add into garden

Reduces odors by adding to indoor compost pails

Enhances natural gardening practices

Our Process

Starting with sustainably sourced wheat straw, our unique and innovative multi-step process cleans, cut and splits the straw. We then remove dust, dirt, seeds and other impurities through our natural, chemical and additive-free process creating bright, fresh, pure and natural garden mulch.


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Cass Smith

Cass invites us into her beautiful garden in San Diego, California to share about her gardening journey.