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Healthier. Happier. Energized.

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Resilient and innovative, our versatile wheat straw bedding is a natural, convenient solution that allows your animals to live and breathe in a dust-free and comfortable environment energizing them to grow and be healthy.

Why Use FarmStraw?

When your animal bedding is clean and comfortable, your animal is healthy.

Breathing in dust causes numerous problems for you and your animals’ health. Unlike conventional wood products, FarmStraw is virtually dust-free, as we remove it and other unwanted impurities through our natural, innovative filtering process.

FarmStraw is comfortably soft and dry. Our innovative processing provides a consistent shape and length, freeing your animals to lie down and rest more frequently than with conventional wood products.

It’s also a light weight product while highly absorbent, so spreading it out is easy, and removing and hauling it away is not the hassle it once was with other bedding alternatives.

Ideal for homesteading as bedding for all animals including chickens, ducks, goats, sheep, pigs, cows, and horses. Also great for small pets and animals like: rabbits, turtles, snakes, guinea pigs and hamsters.

Available in Fine and Coarse shred lengths.

Better for Animals

Health & Comfort

Animals Lay Down More

Easy to Breathe

Reduced Allergens

Reduced Bed Sores

Highly Absorbent

Comfortable and Soft

Easy for You

Light & Dust-Free

Easy Picking and Removal

Dry and Clean

Easy to Use

Reduces Odor

Great for Farms

Valuable Compost

Composts up to 4x Faster Than Wood Chips

Desirable as Fertilizer, Great for Fields

Save on Removal


Through our natural, innovative process, FarmStraw is filtered for dust and other impurities, leaving it bright, fresh, pure and natural. As a result, you and your animals can breathe easier and live healthier.


Processed to the same length and form every time, FarmStraw is comfortably soft. You’ll see your animals lie down and rest more frequently.


A light weight product that’s easy to use, pick, and remove. It composts up to 4x faster than wood products and is a valuable fertilizer that saves on disposal.



“Thank you for making such a great product!! I live in Minnesota and run a small dairy goat farm and this is by far the easiest and most healthy bedding for my animals! The goats love the chopped straw! I love how easy it is to clean! My chickens love it too!

It’s the best stuff I’ve ever used for bedding. I converted so many of my farm gals to the straw! Life changing stuff… for mucking!”

Chelsie, Old Oak Acres Farm, Minnesota



Stacie told us she “uses FarmStraw in my chicken coop and love it! No dust, very absorbent, and most importantly, easy to pick up when it’s time to clean out the coop! The really nice thing about using FarmStraw in the coop is that it’s almost like clumping cat litter…the really wet droppings can be easily picked up, keeping the coop cleaner longer.”

Stacie, Wisconsin