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Healthier. Happier. Energized.

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We all want what’s best for our animals, that’s why we created all-natural, sustainable FarmStraw. Ideal for homesteads, hobby farms and small pet owners, FarmStraw is a natural, clean animal bedding that creates an overall healthy environment – the key to raising healthy animals.

Supporting Your Animal’s Health & Wellness

Our number one goal is to ensure we are supporting your animal’s health and wellness. FarmStraw is virtually dust-free, reducing allergens and protecting you and your animal’s lungs. It’s innovative absorption wicks moisture down, keeping the surface dry, soft and comfortable, encouraging your animals to lie down and rest more frequently. When animal bedding is clean and comfortable your animals are healthier, happier and more energized.

Versatile & Easy to Use

FarmStraw is incredibly versatile and can be used for chickens, ducks, goat, sheep, pigs, cows and horses. It’s also great for small pets, including rabbits, turtles, snakes, guinea pigs and hamsters, as well as for nesting boxes.

Lightweight and packaged for ease of handling, FarmStraw is easy to spread out, remove and haul away. It also composts quickly and can be returned to the soil to add nutrients to fields and gardens.

We use clear, clean and recyclable packaging making it easy to transport, store and use. Available in Fine and Coarse shred lengths.

Better for Animals

Health & Comfort

Healthy and clean

Comfortable and soft


Dust-free with reduced allergens

Innovative absorption

Reduces bed sores

Easy for You

Light & Dust-Free

Packaged for ease of handling


Easy to use

Dry and clean

Holds together well, not messy

Easy picking and removal

Reduces odor

Great for Farms

Valuable Compost

Composts up to 4x faster than wood chips

Creates valuable fertilizer that is great for fields

Hassle-free removal and hauling

Our Process

Starting with sustainably sourced wheat straw, our unique and innovative multi-step process cleans, cut and splits the straw. We then remove dust, dirt, seeds and other impurities through our natural, chemical and additive-free process creating bright, fresh, pure and natural animal bedding.


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