About Us

We are a family owned and operated company, located in the beautiful Canadian prairies.

We have 12+ years of creating premium animal bedding and garden mulch products that are distributed throughout North America!

Our HealthiStraw team creates unique proprietary processes for each product. Our products include: FarmStraw, EquineStraw, PetStraw and GardenStraw. Straw bedding and garden mulch has never been this soft and clean before!

We love animals and gardening too! Over 86% of our team personally care for animals and/or grow a garden.

Our Team

Andrea Doerksen


Arnold Valger

Plant Manager

Cabrel Brémault

Marketing Specialist

Cory Nedohin

Business Development Representative

Deanna Braun

Marketing Manager

Jamie Warkentine

Production Coordinator

Nicole Kehler

Production Coordinator

Tess Doerksen

Human Resource, Health & Safety Coordinator

Vince Braun

Founder, President & CEO

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Our mission is to inspire you to dream more, reach higher, and live healthier!

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We imagine a world where everyone homesteads, whether it's a small tomato plant in a pot on a downtown balcony, a first time pet, or a full fledged homestead farm with gardens, orchards, and numerous farm animals. A world where we are connected to the earth, for the health of ourselves, our families, our communities, and the earth itself.

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Not all straw is the same. The Manitoba prairies are known to grow the best, brightest and most golden wheat straw. We only use Grade A quality wheat straw, sourced locally from Manitoban farmers.
Our commitment is to provide you with the most clean, consistent, and convenient 100% plant-based wheat straw solutions that are beneficial for you, your animals, your garden and the world you live in.

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