HealthiStraw Family of Products

Sourced from the Canadian prairies, HealthiStraw™ is made from 100% premium wheat straw. From package to package, our straw is the same, consistent throughout, so you know exactly what you’re getting every time. For specific applications, see our HealthiStraw family of products below.


Resilient and innovative, our versatile straw bedding is a natural, convenient solution that allows your animals to live in a dust-free environment that energizes them to grow strong and live in comfort.


GardenStraw is an all-natural biodegradable garden mulch that reduces watering, weeding, and damage to your plants giving you healthier plants and saving you time and money.


Your horses deserve the very best in health and comfort, so give them our premium EquineStraw bedding that energizes them to be healthy, strong and happy.


Through an innovative process, our straw reduces exposure to harmful dust and mold for your animals, energizing them to grow strong and live in comfort.


From package to package, our straw is even throughout, so you know exactly what you’re getting every time.


Our straw is packaged for ease of use. It makes great compost, so disposal is easy.

Our Straw.

Not all straw is equal. We search for the very best wheat straw that is clean, dry, and the brightest golden yellow colour we can find.  We build strong relationships with wheat farmers throughout the Canadian Prairies, paying them a premium for straw that; otherwise is a nuisance and waste to be dealt with.  We are involved in all aspects of sourcing straw, from harvest to storage to processing, watching each step carefully to ensure we use the highest quality grade possible.

Our Process.

You can’t process bad straw into good straw, but you can take good straw and make it great straw.  At our HealthiStraw facility, we use unique and natural process, that is chemical and additive free, to create the straw products you know and love.  We remove the seeds from the straw, filtering out any unwanted foreign materials, such as metal and dirt, and we remove all that pesky dust. Each of our products is unique, and through our research and innovation, we have created the ideal length and form for each one. We strive to ensure your animals and plants have a healthy place to grow uninhibited and free, the way nature intended.

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