EquineStraw Racetrack Blend

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Horse health and performance matter, that’s why we created our EquineStraw Racetrack Blend. It’s the perfect long cut of straw for thoroughbred racing horses. An all-natural, sustainable and quality bedding specifically formulated with your horse’s health and performance in mind.

Have Confidence In Your Bedding.

By choosing EquineStraw Racetrack Blend, you are choosing clean, healthy bedding that creates a healthy environment and contributes to the improved health and performance of your horse. Developed as bedding for race horses, EquineStraw Racetrack Blend is the ideal length and is virtually dust-free, protecting you and your horses’ lungs from allergens and dirt. It’s innovative absorption wicks moisture down keeping the surface dry, soft and comfortable, ensuring your horse lays down and rests more often. It also stays clean, lasts longer and ensures your horse’s sensitive skin will be free of sores and their coat will shine brighter.

EquineStraw Racetrack Blend is lightweight and packaged for ease of handling making spreading it out and mucking significantly easier. It also composts four times faster than wood-based products, saving you time, space and ultimately, money.

Eliminating Environmental Contamination

Thorough and all-natural cleaning process

Multiple steps remove dust, dirt and other impurities

Protect Horse’s Health

Healthier respiratory systems


Reducing allergens

Improved sleep

Improved skin conditions: creating a shinier coat

Looking For Even More Benefits? 

Long pieces of straw for maximum fluffiness

It’s soft and comfortable

Dry and absorbent

Horses love it more and lay down way more often

Cost effective: need less bedding – save up to half the amount per horse per day

Lasts longer, holds up and stays fluffy so you don’t have to clean it as often

Our All-Natural Process

Better for your horses. Better for you.

Starting with sustainably sourced wheat straw, our unique and innovative multi-step process cleans and bends the straw. We then remove dust, dirt, seeds and other impurities through our natural, chemical and additive-free process creating bright, fresh, pure and natural horse bedding.